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LIGO/Virgo Wiki Migration Troubleshooting

Known Issues

A. Wiki pages appear truncated or blank

Example image, click for a larger picture.

example empty screenshot

Answer: Clear browser cache.

Your browser is caching files from the old wiki that have changed significantly on the new wiki. Clearing the cache should be sufficient and it should not be necessary to clear cookies or your browsing history. Cookies save login session history so clearing those will likely have the impact of logging you out of other websites.

B. The site looks different on my mobile phone or tablet

The new site provides a responsive design that is more optimized for mobile screens. If desired, many mobile browsers allow the user to request a "Desktop" version of the site. Please provide feedback on your experience to

C. What are the Access Control changes?

The old wiki uses:

<!-- * Set DENYTOPICVIEW =-->

Now in the new wiki, this is replaced with:

<!-- * Set ALLOWTOPICVIEW = *-->

The current access controls have been converted as part of the migration, but users should be aware that this change for any new pages (Topics and Webs) they create. For more information about Restricting Access, please see

D. My table is empty

Problem: You have a table defined using a SEARCH query and the table is now empty.

Answer: You have a table uses a search query to find 'forms' that the user has created, where each form is a single row. The syntax of the search has changed between Foswiki v1 and v2. Before in v1, this was a valid query to search for Forms named MaintenancePeriod.
%SEARCH{ "MaintenancePeriod" type="query" ... }

In Foswiki v2, you must use the following syntax.
%SEARCH{ "'MaintenancePeriod'" type="query" ... }

Changing your search syntax will allow Foswiki to find and render the rows of your table correctly.

I have a different issue

If your problem is not described here, or you need additional help, please e-mail

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